Tsehai Team


                                                   Whiz Kids Workshop Team

Whiz Kids Workshop believes that mass-media can be the most cost-effective and immediate way to make an impact on large educational gaps in the developing world, particularly at the preschool level.  We use existing research on mass-media education, new lower-cost technologies for media creation, and booming growth in reach of television to put that belief into practice.

We are best known for the award winning, early-childhood educational television program Tsehai Loves Learning, which won two prestigious international children’s media awards in 2008.  The “Next Generation Prize” was awarded at the Prix Jeunesse International Children’s Television Festival in Munich, Germany in May of 2008, recognizing “Tsehai Loves Learning” for social impact, and high production quality relative to its small budget.  “Tsehai Loves Learning” also won the Preschool category at the 2008 Japan Prize for Educational Media in October, beating out many great educational television programs, games, websites, and toys from all over Asia, Europe, and North America.

Whiz Kids Workshop was established in the living room of husband and wife team Shane Etzenhouser and Bruktawit Tigabu in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2005.