TSEHAI Loves Learning a children's educational platform that provides materials that drive learning and behavioral change. The platform focuses on providing critical information on health, literacy, social and emotional learning in order to give young children a jump-start on education. Tsehai is available as a television show, a radio show and a book series to accommodate the diverse needs of young children across Ethiopia. Supplementary books (which are available in 7 local languages), flash cards, posters, tracing books are available for purchase and are given to underprivileged children and underfunded schools across the country.

Tsehai Loves Learning is inspired by a idea born out of the needs of the masses. Tsehai Loves Learning is currently broadcasting on Ethiopian Television on Saturdays and reaches up to 5 million children. The program has been adapted to radio and started broadcasting nationally with the potential to reach an additional 20 million listeners. Tsehai Loves Learning airs on EBC every Saturday morning at 9:30 AM. Radio Saturday morning: on FM 93.1 at 8:25 AM Ethiopian Radio MW 88.5 MHz at 8:25 AM.
Message from Tsehai the Giraffe
Tsehai means “Sun” in Amharic. It’s a very beautiful name. I really like it. I’m 6 years old, and I am a happy, yellow giraffe!! I love to asking questions, I ask my parents questions, my teacher questions and also everyone else in my village! I have so many questions!
I’m curious about everything, and every day, I learn something new. Learning makes me really happy! Sometimes I have to deal with problems. But I’m not afraid. I always can’t wait to get going and conquer them! It’s really cool to solve problems. Sometimes, when people are in trouble, I also help them solve their problems too!
I love going to school because I have many, many friends there. When I learn something cool, I can’t wait to tell them right away. I like our teacher very much. He is awesome. He teaches us in a funny way, but I never forget what he teaches us.I am my mommy and daddy’s first baby. There’s my little brother. He is 2 years old, and his name is Fikir! I love playing with him. And he loves to play with me, too.
I love my family...I love my brother. I love my mama. I love my daddy.