Workbooks and Bundles

The Tsehai Workbooks help children begin their tracing and writing skills while in their early stages of learning. Let your children start using pencils for tracing practice. These books include tracing for Amharic letters along with different fun activities such as matching and coloring.

This workbook set includes:

  • Easy-to-follow activities with increasing difficulty.
  • Beautiful coloring illustrations of each alphabet to inspire a developing.
  • Large print fonts and beautifully colored designs, that assist a young mind to comprehend and improve their reading. 

Workbook 1:

This first workbook includes two-legged Amharic letters, easy first words, and simple sentences. 

Workbook 3:

This workbook includes round-bottomed Amharic letters, easy first words, and moderately difficult sentences. It allows children to understand the progressive difficulty of the language.

Workbook 4:

This workbook includes printed complex Amharic letters, easy conversational words, and moderately difficult sentences.